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02 | 12 | 2016
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Metatron's Cube Willkommen zu bilatu.net 

bilatu.net is a mix of ideas I find relevant to my existence in my perceived realm of consciousness. This site is always evolving in a state of constant development. Usage of information on this site is at your own risk. No one @bilatu.net will take any responsibility for warped actions developed and executed by others. 

10 to the 39,970th power to 1 is the statistical odds that a single cell could be randomly produced. We are Created to be apart of a Created experience. It isn't about money or material. It is about our journey and how we live with this gift of life. We are all here as Created "beings" where consciousness over a time constant turns us into mortal humans. Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

Berufliche Veränderung in 413 Days
Holy Bible - KJV